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Dr. Arthur H.K.DJang attended the University of Minnesota and the University of California ( Berkeley and UCLA), Johns Hopkins University (Nuclear Medicine), Harvard Medical School (Graduate Division) and the University of Kansas School of Medicine (Pathology).


Dr. DJang served as member of the Clinical Faculty of the UCLA School of Medicine and Professor at the New York State University and New Mexico State University. He was the Director of Nuclear Medicine and Pathology of The Jamestown General Hospital, New York and the Chief State Epidemiologist in Santa Fe, N.M. with the State Department of Public Health, Medical Director for the Medina Memorial Hospital, New York and Clinical Professor, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon.


Dr. DJang is a licensed physician (M.D.) and certified specialist by the American Boards of Pathology (Clinical Pathology & Anatomic Pathology) and Nuclear Medicine and possesses expertise in Infectious Diseases, Biochemistry and Immunology ( P.H.D.,) Preventive Medicine ( M.P.H.) and Cytopathology.


Dr. DJang is listed with the American Men and Women of Sciences (since 1976), Who's Who in America (East) and Who's Who in the World (1994).


Dr. DJang discovered one of the main ingredients of disinfectant "Lysol", as well as the ninhydrin technique of latent finger printing. He also pioneered the isoenzyme technique for early diagnosis of myocardial infarction.


Dr. DJang is engaged in research and practice of Preventive Medicine in Jamestown, New York and heads Sante International, Inc., since 1990.