Blue Flower

About Us

We believe that God provided the answer to health problems through Nature's plants and herbs.

Our goal is to provide the purest and highest quality of products. For thousands of year, our ancestors knew the value of these, especially in ancient China and Tibet where the healing properties of herbs, mushrooms and plants have been recongnized and used for thousands of years. Once, these gifts of Nature were available only to Emperors. Today, high biotechnology procedures allow us to offer highly concentrated products such as Cordycepts, PSP (Polysaccharide Peptide) and Snow Lotus Tea to anyone in the world who is experiencing a health challenge.

With the support of famous doctors and researchers both in Canada, United States and China, we now are able to offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

All our products are subject to very strict quality control in Canada and the United States. We continue to search for unique products to improve the health of our customers.