Blue Flower

Timedrugs/Longevita was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1996. Our goal is to select the highest quality natural health care products in North America, so that people in need can significantly improve their health after use. We believe God created nature with abundant plants and herbs to provide for our health needs. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, scientists' understanding of the medicinal value of natural products has improved, and research on plant medicine has received great attention in North America. With the support of renowned doctors and researchers in the United States and Canada, we find the best products and offer them to our customers at reasonable prices.


All of our products are subject to very strict quality control in Canada and the United States. We continue to find unique products to improve the health of our customers.


The Specialty store for Timedrugs/Longevita:

1015-4500 Kingsway

Burnaby, BC

Canada, V5H 2A9


#2135 3700 No 3 Road (YaoHan Center, second floor)

Richmond, BC 

Canada, V6X 3Z8


North America toll free: 1.888.505.5676